Friday, December 21, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks

I loved the chipmunks growing up, especially the TV show. And when I heard that a movie was being made written by one of my favorite writers from The Simpsons and starring David Cross and Jason Lee, I was optimistic and kind of looking forward to it. But once I saw the previews I was no longer interested. But I saw it tonight w/ my daughter and I gotta say, it wasn't all that bad. It was not like the show, but it was good-hearted and fun. The acting wasn't great and of course it wasn't a great movie at all, but I actually did enjoy myself and the chipmunks themselves were well animated and very likable. So, I didn't love this movie by any means, but I didn't hate it either. Long story short, if you have kids, take them, they'll like it and it won't be too bad for you. If you don't have kids, skip it and go rent The Chipmunk Adventure (it's awesome).

Saturday Afternoon

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