Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Maiden Heist

I like heist movies. But you don't need to include "heist" in the title to make sure I know it.

Morgan Freeman, William H Macy, Christopher Walken and Marcia Gay Harden make this a fun afternoon watch. Christopher Walken steals the show and Marcia Gay Harden is a funny addition as the long-suffering wife.

Three men work at a museum and each has a particular obsession with a piece of art. They educate all who come near, then go home to read, obsess, sketch and dream about their art.
When a new curator has a plan to transfer the artwork to a museum in Europe they hatch a plan to create duplicates and switch them out for the real thing during the move.

There are some good slapstick moments in this, but the best part is watching three great actors collaborate and bumble their way through a heist.

SA - watch it if you are a big C. Walken fan, or must watch every heist movie out there.

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