Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Days of Glory (Indigènes)

We've been dissecting WWII for over 50 years now in film, and it seems like we have barely scratched the surface. Some surfaces are so scratched though that we're starting to wear down on the effectiveness of the material - in essense, we're kicking the dead horse.

While French film Indigènes attempts to bring us a side of the war that we haven't seen before, that of the French African involvement, they've only managed to bore most of their audience and waste a few million euros in the process.

Technically speaking the movie is sound - we've got tight, clean editing - solid framing throughout. Special effects are appropriate and everyone seems to have a handle on their respective job on the set. Except the screenwriters.

Little to no story - that's really the problem here. We'll borrow a bit from Private Ryan, do a few brotherly bonding scenes, spill some guts and cry some tears... but it's all too broad to be a good film. We don't really care about the main characters... not because we shouldn't, but because we aren't focused in on one or two soldiers and sucked into the narrative. There are a few good scenes scattered throughout the picture where we get a glimpse of how good the story could have been, but most of it gets reduced to boring transitions and a loose arc about the indignity of being a French colonist. Ok. Sure.

- MEH (that's right, I had to create a new one)


Der Fanatiker said...

I totally agree. Everyone got an A on this set, except the writer, who gets a C at best. This could've been such a better flick.

Der Fanatiker said...

By the way, is MEH somewhere between Saturday Afternoon and Unacceptable? :)

osmediocre said...

Exactly - it's not unacceptable, but I wouldn't bother popping it the DVD player on a lazy Saturday either. ;)

Der Fanatiker said...


aptron said...

Yes, very harsh but I agree to a point, it felt like watching SPR from another angle and with subtitles.
The most interesting part was watching Jamel hide his arm. He lost the use of it in a 100mph train accident, which would be an interesting story in itself.
I do enjoy WWII movies though and it was nice to see it from a new angle...