Saturday, January 9, 2010


Only someone with big enough vision and an even bigger ego could pull this one off and I think James Cameron succeeds. Much has been said about how Avatar is the future of movie making. I understand that on the technical side, I ate up all the amazing details of how this movie was made. He invented and refined a new way to film in 3D, combining the two cameras necessary into one, and then convincing theater owners to upgrade projectors and get ready for the 3D revolution.
The filmmaking side of the movie is amazing. No creepy Polar Express teeth or eyes here. This was helped by using the most advanced motion capture but also mounting a camera on the heads of the actors, focused on thier face, to capture more emotion and expression than before. He also utilized a process of filming that allowed him to direct the actors while they are a part of the CG world and not just in front of a green screen. This helped create the most realistic world we've seen on the screen yet. A process that truly "suspends disbelief" and allows you into this new world.
Unfortunately the "new world" is the same old story.
If it weren't for the incredible scenes, floating mountains, glowing plants and plastic dogs you would quickly be bored.
In fact, Cameron takes a giant pantheism hammer and hits you over the head, then slaps you around with some white guilt for good measure. He makes Hollywood liberal lefties look like they graduated from Oral Roberts.
It's a good thing the flying dragons are awesome.

WW: Gotta see this in the theater, in 3D, to truly appreciate.


Angela said...

Did you see it a 2nd time? The first review you wrote wasn't as glowing. :)

Der Fanatiker said...

Ha, no, I didn't write this review. I'm not aptron. That said, Aaron, glad you liked it. It was a fun movie and a movie of some big dichotomy. Terrible writing, fantastic production work. Weird sounds like another movie, called Titanic, who directed that one again?