Friday, September 23, 2011

The Man From Nowhere

This movie tells the story of a no name, skinny, goth looking guy who runs a pawnshop in a rundown apartment building in the wrong part of town. He lives in his shop and only leaves to go to the store. He doesn’t smile, doesn’t say a word and is clearly in hiding. No one notices him and he grows callous as he watches the parade of filth that comes by his kiosk window all day long. A sweet, innocent little latchkey kid takes a liking to him and seems intent on becoming friends. Just as he opens up to her, the little girl is kidnapped along with her mother by some very bad people. The pawnshop owner can’t let this fly and tracks each person involved down one by one, exacting revenge until they give him back the girl.

The Man from Nowhere is a classic revenge flick. If you can picture this movie as an American vehicle from several decades ago, the lead would easily be held by the likes of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson. Highly skilled, cold hearted badass doesn’t give a rip about anything in this world, never letting anyone inside the watertight heart of his, that is until some innocent person (a woman or a child usually) comes into his life. Just when he lightens up and lets her in she is kidnapped, killed, robbed, hurt or meets some other unfortunate fate. Well, the hero, be it Wayne or Eastwood, can’t let this happen and proceeds to track down the bad guys and tear them a new asshole.

Well, that basically sums up this flick too. It’s a classic, hard-boiled revenge flick where some bad dudes have messed with the wrong guy and they’re soon to find out just how big a mistake they’ve made. Let me sum it up with a quote from a crucial scene in the movie. Upon finding one of the scumbags he’s looking for he sees that a whole gang of dudes have come out to stop our hero from reaching the scumbag. The scumbag asks if he has anything to say about this and he says, “how many cavities do you all have? I run a pawnshop, I’ll take your gold teeth, but anything else I touch I’m going to chew up and spit out.” If you like this kind of movie, you’re going to love The Man From Nowhere. If not, you may still like it, as the acting is great, the action is too and the martial arts are top notch. The performances are memorable and I love this kind of story. I hope to see more from all involved.


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