Friday, January 20, 2012


Mallory Kane is a Marine Devil Dog whose idea of relaxing is a glass of wine while cleaning her guns. She’s a baddass at kicking ass and she’s lent her talents to a private government contractor for the last three years. Her company, however, is falling apart and she wants out. As she puts it, she’s not going down with the ship, but leaving a covert organization is not as easy as she may think. Things get bad fast. Now, she must find a way not only to get out, but survive.

I really liked this movie. It’s nothing groundbreaking, a very cut-and-paste plot that’s even visually generic, but it’s a solid good time. The fight scenes are well thought out and well coordinated. Soderbergh populated the movie with professional fighters rather than actors, usually a bad idea, and it worked well, lending a level of authenticity. You can’t fake those fighters eyebrows and ears. The acting was solid, the story was fun and the action was Bourne-level good. So, while it’s not going to change your life, it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re in the market for a good action flick. I certainly enjoyed it and it’s the first the first mainstream action flick I’ve seen in a while that I didn’t leave feeling like my money was robbed and my intelligence insulted.


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