Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dolphin's Tale

An inquisitive dolphin learns the hard way what happened to the curious cat, when she gets caught up in a crabber’s line. She washes up on shore in bad shape. A fisher and a young boy happen upon her. The boy seems somehow to soothe her and the dolphin is soon whisked off by a nearby animal hospital. There, the doctor realizes he must remove the dolphin’s tail. Realizing that hope is her only hope, the doctor enlists his daughter and the boy from the beach to help lift the dolphin’s spirit. Through that spirit, the dolphin begins adapting and swimming without a tail. The doctor realizes, however, the dolphin is doing damage to her spine by swimming this way and, if she does not stop doing so soon, she may damage her spine to the point of paralysis. So, do they give up, say their goodbyes and let it go, or do they put their heads together and find a solution?

Well, if you’ve seen the trailer and know what sort of movie this is, you will not need to guess very hard to hit on the right answer. It’s a story of friendship, perseverance and hope against all odds. It’s also a true story. Just like in the movie, the real dolphin, Winter, moved many in the small Florida town to use her as inspiration to keep hope alive in their own lives, whether they are injured vets, little boys whose fathers are missing, disabled children or veterinarians who recently lost their wives. Winter seems to lift the spirits of anyone she meets.

Like Winter, it’s hard for this movie to not lift your spirit, no matter who you may be either. It’s not the best movie in the world, not by a long shot. It drags at times, plays too much on easy sentimentality at times and occasionally seems way too much like a Hallmark movie. But that said, I’ve yet to meet someone who has seen this movie who didn’t have at least something fond to say about it. In short, it’s a sweet, uplifting flick that is almost certain to pick up your mood. It’s certainly not groundbreaking, but it’s not a bad watch either.


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