Friday, November 15, 2013

The Stuff

So there’s this stuff, no one knows what, that starts bubbling out of the ground, no one knows why, and this old man finds it and immediately tastes it, no one knows why, and it tastes delicious, no one knows why. The old man just wants to share it with everyone, no one knows why he knows so quickly that the supply is endless or why he assumes so quickly the stuff is safe, but, alas, a dirty corporation gets wind of it, no one knows how, and starts mass distributing it, no one knows how, and the stuff, it turns out, turns everyone into blood thirsty, zombie-esque monsters, no one knows why. Ok, look, you’re in at this point or you’re out. I really don’t need to describe it anymore. Suffice it to say a kid and two people who regret their involvement in spreading the popularity of this stuff (an employee of the corporation and the ad person responsible for advertising the stuff) try to convince the people and the govt that the stuff is a threat and launch a campaign to destroy it all.

This movie is full of recognizable actors and the special effects are genuinely good, but, despite this, this movie is truly terribly made. It’s amateurish at every level. The story, the plot, the character development, the costumes, the hair/makeup, the acting, it’s all community theater level quality. BUT, it’s amazing. It’s made with an unmatchable earnestness and everyone seems not just totally in, but to be having a blast. If you can watch it and not get sucked into the fun of it all, you and I can’t be friends. Seriously, this movie is awful and is built on a plot with moon crater sized holes and a premise that is both way too played out and preposterous. BUT, like I said, it’s truly fantastic. I loved every second of it. It’s total b-movie junk, but if you’re looking to have some friends over to get faded with and to watch/mock some cinematic bubble gum, then try The Stuff. You can’t get enough of The Stuff. There is literally nothing about this movie I would change and, if you’re a total weirdo for mental junk food like this, you’re gonna love this overlooked gem.



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