Friday, October 12, 2007


2005 French film about a man who suddenly begins receiving eerie drawings and videotapes that show he’s being watched. No one knows where they’re coming from but he thinks it may be the result of a dark chapter in his past that he’s kept hidden from everyone, even his own family. This movie won director Michael Haneke the Best Director award that year at Cannes, which is ironic because the direction was the root of why I hated this movie. The acting was fantastic and the story was great. Seriously, you can’t be a plotline like this one. Every script is made up of scenes (elements) and it’s the director’s job to decide what scenes get in, where to put them and how long or short to let them run. The scenes of this movie were arranged in a boring, flat, linear fashion. The tone was so monotone that the movie even seemed to bore itself. I know I sure felt like I could turn it off at any given moment and not miss a thing. And that’s just to speak of the overall tone. The individual scenes in-and-among themselves ran way too long and many of them seemed totally unnecessary. In other words, this film wasted alot of time, don’t let it waste any of yours.
  • Unacceptable

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