Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rocky Balboa

2006 film, written, produced and directed by Sylvester Stallone that is the sixth and (supposedly) final film in the Rocky series. And, like all the other movies in the series this movie is majorly hit-and-miss. It has some good moments. Now and then it feels good and you get wrapped up in it. This is especially true (again like in all the other one's) for the final fight scene. The good stuff in this movie is in the little things. Like Dixon's expression of gratitude when the fight is over. But overall the movie is pretty much nostalgic, sappy, boring, junk. The story concerns Rocky wanting to train and have one more fight. It's not to make a comeback, it's to get rid of all that "stuff" that's dwelling in his "basement." In other words, he needs catharsis, closure. He needs to get things off his chest through his fists. The problem is the movie is 90% reminiscing and very little actual Rocky. In fact, a large chunk of the movie is clips from the older movies. I might watch this, or parts of it, if there was nothing else on on television, but I wouldn't bother renting it.

Unacceptable (borderline Saturday Afternoon)

Trivia: They show footage in the movie of every Rocky movie ever made except Rocky V. They just sort of forget about that one.


Sergio and Dawn said...

I take this review as a personal attack. Having grown up with these films, I feel the final incarnation is the perfect summation of the series, and I am perfectly ok with the cheese.

Der Fanatiker said...

If I wanted to watch Sly walking around reflecting on the good old days for an hour and a half I would just go over to his house and sit there. If you like the Rocky series, like I did, then you really shouldn't like this movie. The only rocky-esque parts made up about 1/3 of the movie, the rest was all nostalgia.
Plus, I would never personally attack you my little mik/spik friend. :)

Sergio and Dawn said...

I lay claim to the Rocky series in this relationship. I am all things Rocky, and I know all things Rocky. Rocky is not noir. Rocky is not independant. Rocky is for the masses. The Irish-Mexican masses.