Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the Company of Men

1997 film by Neil Labute about two guys who decide to play a little game where they simultaneously seduce an office girl then simultaneously dump her. They cook this up after a
series of demotions, break-ups and other such life annoyances. They want to "restore their dignity " as they put it. Well, as you might guess, things are more complicated than that and it ends up creating complications and misfortunes. This movie is formulaic, predictable and boring. I found myself wanting to fast forward many, many times. This movie is only 90 minutes long but it could've been thirty and felt like well over 120. The acting is good, the dialogue is good, but the scenes run way too long and the general pace of the movie is a snoozefest. I left this movie feeling like "what was the point?"


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