Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why We Fight

In his farewell address, Ike Eisenhower, a man who's rise to fame came as a result of his military genius, warned the nation that it was headed down a path leading to a "military industrial state" as he called it. He said that building up this military industrial state can't be done without sacraficing other things we want in our nation. Every bomb we build is a school we don't improve. Every jet we build is a hospital we didn't build. He said this country runs on resources and the more we pour towards the military, the less we have to pour into other things.
This documentary by Eugene Jarecki is an examination of that speech and a look at how we've, unfortunately, made reality many of the nightmares Eisenhower warned about. It is a look at how vast and pervasive the military has become in our society and, to some extent, a look at what that means for our future. It is a very well made doc and I assure you that will either leave feeling proud or downright enraged. It is a very good flick that is certainly worth a view.
Worth Watching

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