Friday, January 4, 2008

Art School Confidential

2006 film by Terry Zwigoff, who did several other flicks like Crumb and Bad Santa that I really liked. Art School Confidential follows Jerome, a hopeful artist, as he goes from the burbs to art school and, he hopes, into the arms of a beautiful girl and fame in the art world. Sounds good, but the filmmaker throws way too much other crap in here. Like John Malkovich, who is struggling to revitalize his art career and Jim Broadbent, a serial killer who paints his victims. Every character is either naive or depressingly disillusioned. At no point did I care about any of them, or the outcome of the film. I seriously thought of turning it off and really could have and it wouldn't have made a difference. At points the performances were downright amateurish. The characters are all practically walking stereotypes, especially the cops. Basically, while Max Minghella's performance of Jerome is really good, it's pretty much the only thing good about this movie, and even that is not nearly enough.


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