Thursday, January 10, 2008

Halloween - 2007

This is Rob Zombie's 2007 update of the horror classic. This version is more violent, more vulgar and much more human. Essentially what Zombie does is remake the film but expanded all of the human, real sides of the story. He delves more into the relationship btwn Loomis and Meyers, more into Meyer's upbringing and childhood and showed more of the killings. Everything in this version is more textured and genuine. It's good, but I'm not sure that making Halloween more realistic makes it any scarier. I thought it was the second best of all NINE of the Halloween's. In other words, while I like the first one better, it is easily the best one since. It's a darn good flick, but it would certainly be hard for the squeamish to watch. What I liked least about this version is that the portrayal of the teens is really shallow and one-dimensional and I also felt like tha language was unnecessarily vulgar. However, these two things were the only things unrealistic in the whole thing. What I liked best about it is how human they made Michael in the beginning. He was a real person with people who cared for him and all the normal trials and trevails of a normal kid. And I also liked how once Michael lost his humanity it was truly gone, it was almost like watching his actual descent from Mikey to Michael Meyers. If you like horror this flick's certainly worth your time, but if you're not into horror you'll probably want to skip this one.


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Lila said...

Seriously, did you have an uncontrollable urge to walk through Greenlawn afterward? I am not up for horror fims that is for sure!