Saturday, January 5, 2008


2006 Spanish film by the acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. And if there are two things Almodovar is known for it's creating strong films for female actors and for creating truly weird stories. Well, he did that here big time. I almost can't tell you what the story is about w/out giving some of it away. But basically it's about the bond formed between a mother and a daughter. One mother practically comes back from the dead to make sure her eldest is loved. Another goes to great lengths to cover up a major crime committed by her daughter. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the story, which is so weird and convoluted that it almost ruins it all. Let's just say that one of the daughters turns out to also be her mother's sister. Yeah, I know. Outside of that, everything's fantastic. The cinematography, the message, everything, but especially the acting. The women in this movie are all pitch perfect. Truly everyone does a great job. In fact the acting is so strong that when this movie won the best actress award at Cannes it was shared by six actresses from the movie. It's a great movie, with a great message that becomes only a good movie b/c the story is so goddamn weird. But it's certainly worth a watch.

Worth Watching

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Lila said...

Good synopsis! I might send you a gift certificate to vocab rehab if you don't drop Grandpa Mack's favorite word. I am really looking forward to seeing JUNO. It sounds great. Thanks for the warning about the over-witty dialogue. It is as though writers cannot stop the zinging comments when that happens.