Sunday, February 21, 2010

High Tension

This 2003 French horror flick tells the story of a fateful night in the French countryside for Alex’s family. Alex asked her friend Marie, a fellow law student, to join her at her family’s country home for some exam cramming. Problem is, soon after arriving, a razor-wielding psycho arrives as well. Dude is crazy and seems to want nothing more than to kill them all in as horrific ways as possible. Like any other such slasher flick at a remote locale, the goal of the one or two that haven’t been killed is to get away to safety.

This movie is awesome. It’s scary as hell. It’s shot well, acted well, and progresses in a very tense way. Start to finish, it never seems to let up and, even though the filmmakers rely quite a bit on convention, they do it well enough to keep it engaging. Be forewarned, though, while it’s scary as hell, it’s also violent as hell. It’s a true ripper flick, I’m talking decapitations folks. If you like movies that are certain to frighten the crap outta ya and highly likely to scar you emotionally, then check this movie out, because, like I said, this movie is awesome.


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