Monday, February 1, 2010

On a Clear Day

This 2005 Scottish film tells the story of a major decision and accomplishment in Frank’s life. Frank is man who was recently fired from a job at which he worked for 36 years. He’s devastated and lost. His ship has lost it’s rudder. He decides to conquer his demons by conquering the French Channel. Problem is, he’s not all that fit and is in his 50’s. But nothing will stop Frank’s quest to force the slate clean by achieving the seemingly impossible.

It’s an alright movie. The story is nice and it’s good to watch an inspiring flick now and then. Some of the performances are pretty shallow and the movie, overall, lacked the tightness of a well-directed flick, with some scenes that went unnecessarily long and others that were really just redundant. In the end the movie did too much and too little and it made it mediocre where it could’ve been darn good. I liked Peter Mullen and both Brenda Blethyn and Billy Boyd were pretty good. There were some good inspiration moments now and then too, but in the end it just wasn’t all that great.


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